• city_poetry 24w

    The betrayed beasts room..

    As the received photo displayed with a vibration in her phone,her heart shivered with quakes tearing it apart .
    She did a video call to ensure it was not his room but the sarcastic virtual heart soon saw the real picture of the rooms attire.She saw the room flooded with liquors with the ashes of cigarettes waving in the air,she saw the empty bottles with scrolls of admires.She saw the smokes turning into clouds trying to escape out of the suffocated leeway.She saw the bleeding blades with the haunted roses and deep encarved scars with petals of flesh scenting like bloody Sampaguita .She saw the crushed glasses with inks of veins portraying the dark memory lane, the beast drowning in the oceans and no boat around to decamp him out of there .Then he saw her fading into the dusk slipping into the horizon and diving into blue waters .Screaming lonely in the savannas with desire of revenge.She desired the moment near and fell for him apart and awaits a long in the wish to cage the betrayed beast in her arms.And to carry him to indefinite divinity with his hand in her hand . She was not her for whom she desired .But she was best friend he never thought he would ever require .