• prosingmyheartout 6w

    Does it make sense??

    Never have I ever realized,
    My world is built around everything & everyone except ME!!!

    Does it make sense?
    To accept it and stay ignorant!!
    To understand it and be a spectator, while I lose everything that is "ME"

    Does it make sense?
    To live in a dreamland which was never mine!!
    To worry about consequences of actions, that were never mine!!

    Does it make sense?
    To revisit memories & search for what I really was??
    To try and recollect what my ambitions or passions were??

    Does it make sense?
    To question myself, what makes me happy!!
    What really do I want!!
    To work for it, against all the odds that society has built around ME!!
    To run around the world which never made any sense!!

    Never did I realize
    Nothing in this world makes sense, until I asked a question
    - "Does it make sense?"

    -By Sandsun