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    2 men held me down. I screamed and cried for mercy. But It was all for naught. Other man knelt in between my legs. As I watched the eyes filled with lust, Suddenly it felt like the cloud of darkness engulfed my eyes with the voices around me diminishing into silence. The memories of the darkest moments when I was stripped out of virginity forcefully by Aarav came crashing down like the lightning strike. I began trembling uncontrollably. The tears ran down my cheeks profusely with no cry heard. The man dug his face on the side of my neck. I knew the last of the remaining dignity was about to get erased from my life permanently. So I gave up the fight and turned towards Ashok. "I knew you like it......you cheap whore", the man whispered in my ear. These words broke my heart into a million pieces. My half opened mouth seemed to call out for help that never came. My hand stretched out for aid that remained unanswered. My conscience died when I felt those disgusted hands on my chest. His hand moved over my leg and stopped on my thigh, when another man came rushing in, wheezing. "He's here", the man said. "If he's here, then they might mean of great importance to him. Drug them and take them away", Mr.Maiye smirked at us. "Just hold on a bit longer. We won't leave you unsatisfied", said the man. Another hand covered my mouth and nose with a thick cloth that sent me to sleep without further struggle.

    My consciousness was oscillating. Sometimes I woke up inside the trunk and sometimes beside a man. With a blurred vision, All I could see was the colourful city lights. I felt a slight sting on my neck. My eyes got heavier, sinking me to sleep again. I woke up, still feeling dizzy. I had no idea where I was or how long was I asleep. I was feeling hot all over my body. I coiled up in the corner and slept back to shake it off. That didn't help at all. It was then that I realised that I was in swimsuit. I hate myself. I don't deserve to live with this unclean body. I began scratching my body in a complete daze, wherever that man had his hands on me. The pain from scratching myself put me at ease a little, from this disgusted feeling.

    A women with blonde hair and blue eyes, came at me, but I started shouting at her to stay away. She used all her strength to overcome my struggles and quickly covered me with a shirt and cloth. "Shut your mouth! I am trying to get you out of here", she said covering my mouth. I looked at her with my widened eyes. I knew I had no other option than to believe her. My head dropped and nodded a yes. "You look all bones and no muscles but you sure are one tough chick",she said looking at me. "I am Meena lane and you are?", She asked to which she got a dead silence from me. "I am kidding. I know who you are..... Ananya. I was sent here by Ashok to take you to a safe place", she then continued, "so, let's go now". She pulled my hand but I was feeling like I don't had much strength in my legs. Watching me wobble, she held me close to her and we started to walk slowly without coming in contact with anyone. My eyes fell on her earphones as we were walking. Another betrayal!??! No! I shook her hands off my shoulders and tried to run away from her. But my feet betrayed me. "What the hell are you doing running away from me? Look! If you desire to be the dish of those hungry savages back there....it's all cool with me. I will leave you but if you don't....then just do as I say without being a nuisance to me", she roared at me. I was shaken by her words and tears welled up in my eyes silently. She looked at me and sighed, "no use of the waterworks now, let's go". She pulled me to move but I tightened my grip and made her stop in her tracks. "Brother Naren",I mumbled. "I don't know who he is...my top priority right now is only you. Let's get moving now",she said and dragged me alongside her. I heard gunshots and people screaming as we were running through the rooms. Sometimes, She made me hide behind the furnitures, and sometimes crawl across the floor. I was following her like an obedient child. I noticed she was talking with someone in the earpiece. Somehow we made it through and reached the part which left me dumbfounded. I was in a cruise ship all this time. When I was looking at the ship, Meena tied a rope around my waist systematically. I saw a bow rider boat approach us. She lowered me into the boat gently. The hands that reached out to me was of Ashok's. I pushed him away and got settled down at the corner. Meena quickly followed after me and sat beside me. Ashok rode us away from the cruise. Seconds later, a huge explosion was heard from the cruise. "Whoa! That was not me at all. Looks like that bastard Hazeen has enemies other than me", Ashok smirked while looking at the burning ship.

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    Eternity and above

    (Chapter 26)