• bloggsablood 10w

    I wanna try new things in my life
    Explore the entire world wittness through my eye
    Hate or love each shade of you by myside
    So lost in you❄️
    That i forgets my own sight of life
    That i wanna marry my first boyfriend
    And live happily ever after in real life
    You're not the one
    You're the opportunity i created for myside
    To hide the blemishes of being alone in the lane
    Heavily loaded pounds of boyfriend changing
    Like clothes day and night ��
    I passed some days&night fights
    Some with weaving fictional dreams
    Turning into 6 years long flight✈️
    Swing between choose to love-chosen to beloved by is right
    Can't see anymore which path take me back to my life��
    So lost in you❄️
    Just pen down✍️

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    So lost in you