• bystander 10w

    opened my eyes somewhere in a gloomy asylum
    behind the sindon of my size which has covered my whole body like an integument over my flesh
    I've been covered by it since my birth.. comprised of overthinking, depression and wishes to assissinate people.
    But behind the shroud there's naive body who wants to be happy, joyful and wishes to be with people.. though how could i forget that I'm the only, who gave birth to the integument
    Although now, I'm tired of it..
    i want to pull out this veil.. i want to tear it apart.. i wasn't like this at all. It bewields my naive body.. "Can you hear me you're talking to a different person. It's not me!"
    I'm begging
    crawling on my feet
    towards a ray of light coming from a tiny hole in the veil...
    my skin seem so bright like never before.