• malekk 6w

    In Kashmir

    Gone, where have all my tears?
    Have they dried up?
    Fallen down the earth all?
    In the lakes summed up have all my tears?
    Is this y there is the Wullar and the Dal?
    Are the fallen tears of mine,
    the source of Kashmir's waters,
    Are the flowing streams of my tears,
    growing the paddy crops in Kashmir?

    Gone where have all my wetness?
    Am I going through a catastrophic draught?
    Has the cruel sun stolen my waters all?
    In the sky summed up, have all my tears?
    Over and over, is this y the clouds are?
    Are the rising vapours,
    stolen fm my tears?
    The bloody sun why is,
    bringing the Autumn in Kashmir?

    Oh! The all potent lord?
    With the stolen tears,strike mercy,
    bring down the rains of hope.
    With the wetness, let this deserted being be filled again,
    Let the life be rewarded to this slain again.
    Let the dawn of rosy Spring,
    yearn the life in Kashmir.