• iamlightword 5w

    Until I met Jesus

    The night was always cold
    That I could not withstand
    The morning never unfolds
    Until I met Jesus who now disband
    The shackles and chains from off my hands

    The pain would always hold
    Me down at his surly command
    The rigour shame never could I withhold
    Until I met Jesus who now banned
    He held me up to my feet so now I stand

    The young me now turned old
    Cause my oppressors where in great demand
    And there was no one to uphold
    Until I met Jesus who is firebrand
    He took me out and into his band

    The suppressors stood at the threshold
    And I was made slave in my own land
    My family and all my household
    Until Jesus came in style so grand
    And brought us all out at firsthand