• nanyaerondu 9w


    Hmmm chocolate!
    The forbidden aphrodisiac addiction.
    The silky feel and sinful fondue.
    The sublime serotonin it invokes.
    Just one gaze upon this goodness.
    It beckons, teases and tempts.
    Hmm just a bite it winks.
    The ecstasy and velvety sensation in just a taste.
    It's mouth watering sights to behold.
    The lust and longing to devour.
    The inner battle to resist it's sensuality.
    Enchanting chocolate cravings.
    Hmmm the craze to indulge in just a bar.
    No! I need me a box of chocolate swirl sweetness.
    Awww! Don't judge the chocolate addict!
    Chocolate! So out of this world.