• shinchan_says 5w

    A ping on my phone saying hey,
    I replied instantly with wave,
    We talked about silly things,
    And your phone rings,
    You said you will be back in hours,
    You still closer yet far,
    I wish I would have said a few more words,
    I wish I would have asked you to stay,
    And you sent that smiling emoji,
    And promising I will be back rosy,
    We hated byes you know,
    And you said we will be going for show,
    And you left with goodbye, take care,
    A happy dream turned nightmare,
    I didn't stop you why,
    If I would have known it's last good bye,
    You broken your promise,
    How badly now I miss,
    I wish I could have stopped you,
    But you left, "rosy, just an hour will be back, bye take care , miss you too. "

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