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    Please read the whole post
    I have written this on personally my experience , I am not talking about all men's here , it's just for that particular boy .
    Hope you will understand
    These are the thoughts of a boy with whom I recently had a debate on this topic he is jelouse because we are getting respect
    That's y I thought of posting my views here
    Hope you agree with me
    If you like to tell any facts or anything fell free to comment
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    'She is a woman
    Just because she bleeds
    She doesn't deserve respect
    Why would we ?
    She don't do anything
    A woman that has hobby of changing the boyfriends that girl don't deserve respect '

    That what you say , dear men
    Then let me answer you
    Because she bleeds you are here
    That's why she deserves respect
    She works for you , she take you in your womb for nine months
    And then bear all the pain to give birth
    That's why she deserves respect
    She has changed boyfriend because she was not happy with it ,
    She raised voice against him
    And tried to stay independent
    That's y she deserves respect

    Isn't that enough for you ?
    Gender equality ?
    You have a problem
    With that also ???
    Why so ?
    Prerana Barman