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    i hope it burns.

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    don’t you know?

    you know dad if you would’ve just been there then maybe it would be easier to trust you and talk to you. maybe if you would’ve actually cared and wanted to be someone in my life but you didn’t and you still don’t.

    you know dad i’m fucking done with being someone you use to make yourself feel like a responsible person because you don’t deserve that. you don’t take responsibility for your actions instead you’re quick to point a finger, anything to get you out of the bullshit you put yourself in. you’re a liar and i don’t even have any fucking pity for you. you made me feel like shit and like i was inadequate, truth is you just don’t wanna admit that i’m not as pathetic as you. truth hurts doesn’t it? maybe if that word was in your dictionary it would hurt a little less.

    i hope it burns.

    you know dad i find it fucking hilarious that i even have to write this poem, that i have to feel this way, i just hope that i never turn out to be like you. i hope i never abandon my children and only show up when i feel like i can get something out of being a decent fucking parent.

    you know dad i hope you realize that we never had a relationship from the start. and you were the one who ruined it before it could begin.

    you know dad it shouldn’t hurt having to say this but i won’t be a liar and a coward like you, i’ll admit that part of me hates you.