• abeer_k98 5w

    There cruelty is served as legacy
    And the coercion as coustom
    The merciful king becomes monster
    behind the big curtains
    The curtains with darkest shade of grey

    As the fort becomes humongous
    The sins seems to become small
    Ask those walls , bricks and mortar
    They Carry the burden
    And hide the wrong doings
    at the back of all fortes

    The war he win
    The medals he earn
    Becomes his licence for transgression The land he own
    The fortune he made
    Becomes his right to rape

    Concent never will matter now
    As he is mightiest of the mighty.
    His gold crate will justify everything
    The commend for blue
    The reverence of human as God
    Everything is the same

    Time changed , Humanity changed
    View changed., Languages changed
    The meaning is still the same
    Now we have a new escape goat
    Democracy !
    © abeer