• aruwrites 45w

    It'll hurt, more than anything ever has but you'll survive

    You're crying, blaming yourself, blaming him and then being guilty about things you didn't even do. Before I start, let me tell you, it is not going to be easy. It never was and it never will be. Also, no one, I repeat, no one will be there always. Some may not be available, or you may not be able to convey it to them. Even the doctor can't feel the pain, he just gives a medicine according to the symptoms. Similarly, people will tell you what to do, once, twice, thrice or maybe even 10 times. But after that, it is your responsibility to take the medicine. You'll feel yourself falling apart, even physically, but, you have to collect those pieces back together. You cannot give up. You cannot be lost in those memory lanes for more than a month. You can cry, you can remain locked in your house for 2-4 days. But soon, you'll have to get back up. You'll have to continue living your life.