• alestria 10w


    I was a child back then when I first met you.
    Not knowing who you really are.
    I adore you of how your voice sings softly, that tickles the innocent heart of mine and send butterflies.
    I adore you on how you pursue your dream, that is to perform on stage and let the world know your voice.
    I adore you on how I see your eyes filled with burning passion of determination.
    I adore you how your eyes twinkle like stars and the smile plastered on your face whenever you are happy.

    I adore you just being who you are.

    But then you were gone.
    I do not know where did you go and I have not heard you for so long.
    Several years later, there you are still pursuing your dream.
    Your appearance may have changed but you are still the person I have met before.
    The day we met again is like a rekindled heart that was once lost.
    I was there with you, staying by your side and not knowing that I grew fonder on you.

    It is more than enough of me to see you from a distance. An unconditional love for my dearest.