• aanchalv 10w

    Not yours, anymore!

    Now that she's gone,
    Don't spend your days thinking about her
    And nights crying your pain out.
    Those tears, expectations, regrets are as strong as her faded love for you.

    It's strange how you feel her presence in every path you travel.
    Be it woods or an alley,
    Her essence stronger than lily
    Her eyes like an ocean
    Her presence is life
    And absence is curse
    That leads you into a world
    Where everything is perished.

    Now that she's gone,
    Don't beg her to come back.
    You lost her,
    Every time you broke her trust
    Every day, when you made her cry
    Every moment, when you said you loved her
    And didn't mean it.
    Don't blame her for your mistakes,
    That led her down
    Whenever she wanted to save
    Your little world.

    Now that she's gone,
    You will miss her boundless love
    Holding her around your arms
    And feel home
    Fondling her hair when she falls asleep
    Waking up next to her with a cherishing smile
    The anger in her beautiful eyes
    And watching it fade away when you make her smile.

    Now that she's gone,
    she's not yours.

    Not yours, anymore!