• littleredtater 5w

    I am the Interloper, pt 2

    The last of safe spaces
    bought out like wilderness for a parking garage.

    Your victim complex is showing.
    Oh my old friend, the interloper.

    An outsider amongst outsiders
    and you want to join
    but there's a squeeze in your heart when you try.

    Alienation tastes like self sabotage
    cause no one can ever be as broken as you, right?

    Say the right thing, authenticity be damned
    and get patted on the head like a school girl.

    You watch like a pervert in the corner,
    just close enough to make your presence uncomfortable.

    The distaste of you thick and potent.
    Off kilter, like those pictures in the newspaper that never quite match.

    Hairs on your neck stand up and you know something's wrong
    Even if you dont know what.

    You're not quite what the doctor ordered and you know it too.
    Don't you?

    So get out and stay out.
    And stop looking for your peace of mind in strangers while your at it.