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    Sorry family if on this post i found humor i know theres nothing beatifull bout whats been portrait here. Its a series topic to me !.. The only thing i want to add is that if humor is use for a positive outcome.
    Then we have to invited more often so it bocomes as normal in our homes to families to talk about!!. We have to make more sacrifice for thinks like this. We do it know they won't have to later in our civilization so its a matter of breaking the ice with us this kind of globle issues can happen to anybody no one is amune to nothing really..not death not love. Nor pain.. So open up with family like the chick in the egg shell����������

    Now ladys and gentleman is another of our Champions the repeat Champion Beanie Boo AKA B.B.�� ��⬅me i made that up myself��. Now i choose this post of hers accorse cuz it represents correctly what she is portraying on her post sex education it was sex education day couple days ago I remember that and this post speaks about so many things at once having a baby is a very important thing it's not easy to maintain the baby is not but the post takes it to another tunnel and brings the issue out to another exit which in the innocent are they the same thing it's just which way of perspective are you willing to look at it and which one works better for you to me and her post the character female pregnant or deciding whether to get up or not. I think she's pregnant in the post how the father in the way doesn't want to be there cuz his a jack ass�� and the baby is expecting him ��to be there and then something happens and one of them got ��HIV ��gonorrhea syphilis I don't know herpes could also be one of them and she's also staying in her post that we need to accept it bring it towards us a little bit more don't don't have it don't have that topic chase you ����down all the time went one should be able to be open with that so less tragic events happen like you know everything and whatever could come about in you contracting h.i.v. or other type of sexual related diseases ��and and so this is what her post is about the end������
    And the image choosen correctly. And plus i aded i thing or two of my own��⬅��for grand who can guess it was boy or girl ���� yes or ����no
    ��⬅me . that's my conclusion. Thank you b.b for educating ���� and the rest��⬅B.B. hi everyone i hope no one felt weird about this .. Cuz originally I was going to use a picture of Gonorrhea how it looks after the third stage it was too�� so I went for this one.. ��⬅me .. Thank you b.b for that.... ��⬅B.B its fine guys love the love but dont be ruff��������
    Yeah you baby daddy!!!!!���������� .. Thank you all for lending a ear for this knowledge thats also a warning . this is����POETRY DELIVERY������
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    I it don't take a wise person to figure it out
    all it takes is for you to know it.

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    aka. B♨B

    Sex education awareness for the Youth if you don't know your ABCs you shouldn't be having babies