• akshiraa 23w

    Life's short. Believe it or not.

    You can be just an accident or a disease away from meeting your goals and turning your dreams into beautiful realities.

    Make the most of it.
    Dream. Breathe. Live. Love.

    Don't hold back yourself from letting people know how special they are.

    Don't hesitate to take risks, if that's for something or someone that'd make you happy.

    Mistakes will be done. Surround yourself from people who will acknowledge those mistakes still won't give up on you. Learn from those mistakes.

    Be bold, be vulnerable. Be exactly how you want to be at the moment.

    It's okay to cry your hearts out sometimes. If you have someone on whose shoulders you can rest your head at those times, great. If you don't have, there's no harm. Do not put yourself through the constant pressure of having that special someone in life.

    Help others as much as you can.
    Live life beautifully.

    Life's short. Believe it or not.