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    Here's a dose of antidepressant!
    Hope that you all will relate to the posts!
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    Many a times in life, you'll be at a point where all you'll be able to think or to want to do will be giving up! Giving up hope, giving up life, giving up yourself in the process and getting lost! Really lost!
    But even if you're lost, will it change any single thing? I mean you will be out of your element, not in your comfort zone, or exactly in your comfort zone, but does it count when you're lost?
    Lost in your own life, in your own senses, lost without even knowing the fact that you're lost!
    But your subconscious knows that this is not the place you're supposed to be or this is exactly the place you're supposed to be,
    So I'll just say let lost roads take you to your destination, let unknown people and strangers guide you through one point to the other in between your destination!
    You decide whether it is okay to be lost? To be normally lost like everyone else is? Then please be lost and breathe in the air of difference you're not used to of feeling!
    Breathe in the hope of finding your way amongst the lost streets and lost people!
    Never let the despair get the best of you!