• nanalis 5w


    I see the demons through the windows of your soul. Your darkness scares them. They are trying to escape, but you won't let them go! You hold hostage even yourself as you suckle at the teat of ýour demons.....swallowing & absorbing the fear almost pouring out. Negative energy rattling around unrecognizable rib cages....no where to go but to ooze out the teat of a demon into the already dark heart of your soul.
    Why do you hold your demons hostage Friend? Do you not know that the Food you truly want cannot be found in the prisons of your mind? Let go of the demons...they WANT to be set free. Suckle no more at the never ending faucet of negative energy perpetuated only by your own unrecognizable hunger for it. Go ahead, sweetie.....let them go & walk into your own darkness. See the lights...that's us waiting for you. We are ready to meet you where you are. We had teachers show us how to walk through our own darkness, guiding our way with their Light, helping us collect the little bits & pieces of our own lights along the way. We came to them much like you. Broken, scattered & ooozing self righteous indignation not knowing our anger was really just fear. Demons make for tasty snacks & can sustain you for a lifetime one rage at a time to feed the darkness you hold onto so tightly. But wouldn't a Never Ending Bounty that FILLS you for Eternity with nothing but love & light be more like what you have ACTUALLY been seeking? We are here...we are Light....we have come through our darkness to find the Light that we now get to shine for you. Fear no more your own darkness. No longer use it to harm. We can show you how to use it to heal yourself with the Source of all. Beautiful soul....YOU are not the darkness you embrace. Your Light IS in there we promise. In the darkest & deepest parts are where the truest answers are hiding. INSIDE those are the sparks of YOUR light. Didn't know you actually had.your own light did you? It is buried so deep by the constant layering of dark self will you completely forgot you EVEN had a Light self. The amazing thing is it's never too late & we are living proof. Let negativity go....she's been here long enough. She is THAT thing keeping you attached to your never ending ooze that must be told to leave before she can. Give her permission to go.... then let go. Positivity can be found in our lights & we gladly share all that you need until you find the lights you dropped along your journey that created the darkness you fight so hard to avoid letting go of. Let go & walk into your darkness to find your light.....you are so tortured by your own demons you don't even see its you torturing you by keeping them here TO torture you. Light workers are great at being guides.... we've all walked through our own darkness. We were hand crafted just for this very moment in time✝️