• wonder_words 9w

    Are you that girl?

    The girl whom i admired
    Was she the one who came in my dream;
    And cuddles my head every day every night
    But i dont know who is she;
    May that girl comes in front of me
    I could tell her,
    That she comes in my dream everyday
    And makes my dream delightful.

    Have no idea why she visits me in my dream
    But her face makes me feel cherish;
    And her beauty takes me out of the real world
    But breaks my heart when she leaves me alone.

    If i get to meet her
    Then i will tell her ,
    That she is the one
    With whom i have fallen in love!
    No matter how she is
    But she will be in my heart forever .

    I will eagerly wait for her
    Till she comes in front of me,
    One day out of my dream
    And makes me realise;
    She is the one with
    Whom my strings got attach,
    Till then I wait and wait
    To meet her someday
    As she is the one who stole my heart away ❤️:)