• rajbijalwan 9w

    Don't scare love away,
    You can have your say,
    Don't take away my breath!
    We live a life lesser today,
    But this isn't a game to play—
    Don't belittle love, please!
    Don't let life cease!
    In the sudden hour of awakening,
    When truth is saddening;
    Death, you're bitter
    Not the gold that glitters!
    In numerous exclamations,
    And introspections-
    You take away so gently,
    Moments cherished deeply!
    But I'm in no mood
    To call you a boon!
    No whimpers or sighs,
    Left with teary eyes;
    Pardon me,
    For there's nothing else I can see
    You've broken us all
    As the stars fall!
    Allow love to embrace
    Allow LOVE to Embrace.