• beingnormal 9w

    Chapter 1

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    Long long time back there was a land sorrounded by water. A place where there were all the natural resources for people to flourish were available. The land was truly gifted. The people were fun loving and were always happy. They danced in the night around the bonfire with joy, they drank ale all night while dancing.The people there were protected by the drunken fairy whom they worshipped. A beautiful and charming lady. With her wings sprinkling the glitter which mesmerized everyone. The people were indebted to her as she was protecting them from the witch.The witch lived on a far of land For the witch was a sorcerer who could command any of the five life giving sources to turn voilent. The witch was protected by a Cerberus. It had three heads, it was a massive beast with dirt coloured coat and fire coloured tails. On every full moon day the witch would hop on the Cerberus. The Cerberus was the only animal powerful enough to leap from the witch's place to the land of the gifted. No one has ever seen the witch. Some say she was living from even before the creation of land while some say it is just a folklore.
    ..................To Be Continued.