• finnisam 4w

    Thrice Denied

    Rip it apart. Rip it apart. Give me all you can.
    Destroy it all. Raze it, even to the foundations.
    Make it a message for the folly of man,
    Create an abomination unto the nations.

    Give me your trinkets. Give me your gold.
    Inflate my wealth beyond reason. For desire.
    Take it all, burn everything that cannot be sold,
    Purge the worthless through righteous fire.

    Live by the sword and die by the sword.
    Follow the words of your justified God.
    Listen to the words, do not heed the words,
    Soak the earth with blood from sky to sod.

    Trample the idols, tear down the altars.
    Torch the temples, return them to dust.
    Faith in man is dead, faith in God falters,
    Hoard their treasures because you must.

    Rip it apart. Rip it apart. This is an unholy place.
    Raze it. Raze it. Let them behold their sins.
    Behold. Behold. Their gods are only fit to deface,
    They are but hollow echoes, ours speaks and wins.

    Embrace the Father. Embrace the son.
    Embrace the spirit of God and man.
    Reject the heathen. Now it has begun,
    An age of righteousness, started by man.

    Behold your sins. Behold once more.
    Behold your destruction. Come and see.
    Behold your death. Behold the pure.
    Behold the blood shed for eternity.

    Live by the sword.
    Live by the sword.
    Live by the sword.