• uzairshuja 9w

    Love at first sight

    my jittery heart when I saw her for the first time
    oh my God look at my heart
    Beating very fast
    As she smiles and her hair following the air
    Nailed my mind, i cannot feel my feets
    noticed my heart came out my mouth
    attracted by her way to breathe , i let my heart imagine longer
    who are you?stranger!
    everything seems you , everyone seems you. you're in every thing
    I'm addicted to you like i would be to a game
    i go red and feel all crazy inside when i take your name.
    you seem to really have some power over me
    or may be it's just that i think you're eyeful.
    i found who you are
    you are the contrast of an angel. isn't it?
    there is a river which flows with compliments for you free.
    all i keep thinking about is ,how can i be with you?
    may be this poem is the way that i  can make this dream come true.
    for you, i'm merely a good friend
     but for me, you are the secret which
     i could never reveal