• simplicityy 23w

    Particles of heartbreak lies in me
    pains and tortures stains the
    wall of my heart and I was dying
    when you walked into the depth me
    where love left unkept from brokenness
    and stepped into my garden of hopelessness
    Your love nourished the wilthered flowers
    and I threw my vows off my tongue
    while I fall into your arms
    now I feel home in you and I love you...

    I thought love is a death I can escape
    but your magical presence intertwine
    with my soul that moment, more like
    I saw a flower at the door step of devil
    I would have ignore, perhaps it's a trap
    but there's silver lining in every cloud
    I picked up the flower to realize
    the horns I saw is a wing in disguise
    You're the devil that turned angel overnight
    let me kiss you to my last drop
    for it's feels good to be here.....

    I would stare at your shoulders from the back
    wishing I could grab and squeeze them
    while I digest your smell;
    Or just grab your waist,
    with my tongue tracing down
    your back line down your spine...
    Your physique sends me down the horny land
    for your dark skin sparkles and your look, killing
    as your eyes reads "Come hold me tight"
    I crave for you even when I'm with you
    Darling, I'm crazy for you.