• pranitpadhi 5w

    Before you fall in love with a girl who had been broken before, remember: it isn't about loving her simply, it's about explaining and making her understand that she didn't deserve what happened to her in the past.
    Respect her brokenness. She never wanted someone who would put herself together again. She can and will do it on her own. No help at all. She learns to love herself the same way she expected someone else to. You don't have to save her, instead;
    Run your fingers on her sharp edges and show her it doesn't have to hurt. Show her that someone is going to stay no matter what.
    Teach her that she can trust someone other than herself, also. Because, up until now she has been the number one person she can rely on. Teach her that not everyone will hurt her and not everyone will leave.
    In return, she will doubt you. She will want to run the other way hastily but don't let her go. Hold on to her. Ask her to, stay.
    It's all worth the effort, trust me. Once she trusts you she is going to be there in all hardships and happy moments. She will redefine the meaning of love for you. You will never be the same after you are with her.
    But before falling in love with a woman like that you should ask yourself one simple question: Can you love her she always deserved to be loved?