• aaayushie 79w

    Here is to people who are actually suffering hard to smile.I know it's not easy, it's not easy love yourself when everything around you goes wrong. I know it's difficult when people start acting crazy. When there are more knots than untangled strands. I know how dreadful it is when it pains to even breathe. When you're drowning but no one can listen to your screams. I know how hateful it is to not to feel that even you're a part of something. I know it is hard when no food is enough to gulp your loneliness. It is not easy to smile when all the energy is sucked out of you. I know. Trust me I do.
    But here's the thing, it may be the hardest thing to ever do. But, if you won't , who will?
    If you won't pick up the brush,who will?
    If you won't let yourself salz through the storm,who will?
    If you won't smile, who will?
    Well it's all up to you.
    In your hands!
    And trust me you're holding a lot of strength.
    And slowly you need to uncover it.
    And see yourself.
    Because at the end, when you're finally at the hilltop, the view is spectacular.