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    Create joy, and life seems joyful!❤️

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    I sit down
    In the balcony,
    At the bright sun,
    And the children
    Running around,
    Giggling in excitement
    On the streets,
    The present time
    With their companions.
    They all
    Had a wooden stick,
    Some stones
    And with slingshot,
    Climbing on
    Huge mango trees,
    Plucking the mangoes,
    Some were breaking it
    With the stones,
    Some were cheering
    One another,
    And sharing it
    With each other
    With immense joy,
    And innocence.

    The face
    Of every child,
    Had a different charm.
    Because they were joyous
    In a true way.
    They live
    For the present.
    After all,
    Aren't we responsible
    For our happiness?

    So many event
    Around us,
    Give us
    So many reasons
    To live.
    At times,
    Negative thoughts,
    And actions
    Overwhelm us
    At such a point,
    That we forget
    To be joyous
    And remain kind.
    After all,
    Joy is something
    Which needs
    To be created
    By us,
    And we all
    are the creators
    Of our own joy.
    The more positive
    We grow,
    The more beautiful
    Life seems to be.