• onetosearch 6w

    I heard the warden as I approached the bench
    In front of that silvery sheet.
    He spoke from the other side,
    Confronting the woman across from me,
    "Remember, your movements are monitored
    And your words recorded.
    Legs crossed, look ahead, do as you're told."

    I cross my legs,
    And the woman, she follows suit.
    "Hello," I whisper.
    "Hello," her lips mouth back.

    Her timing is perfect;
    Her body is like mine.
    She had all I had
    Except the voice I bear.

    I stare at her intensely,
    At every pimple and every lock,
    At every freckle and every curve,
    At every twitch and every blink,
    At every imperfection that she perhaps hated to see
    But once loved to show.

    The clock ticks ignorantly,
    And we remain silent,
    Staring at each other,
    One another's reflection.

    I hear the warden,
    But he's talking to me.
    "Emotion, emotion, you break down
    And you fold easily.
    Undeserving of your image,
    You'll eventually learn
    To dispose of it."

    And tears start to swell in my eyes,
    And I can no longer see
    The prisoner of the woman
    Who sits across from me.