• upturnedturtle 6w


    I love the adrenaline in my veins
    Burn in the legs
    Cheers in the air,
    Come on, come on I want more

    I'm never gonna gonna stop
    Never gonna stop
    Till I make it home
    Home is the finishing line
    And nothing more.

    I'm gonna be faster,harder
    Than the last time
    I'm gonna get better, better
    Till I'm on top of the world.

    There's nothing stopping me now
    Stopping me now
    I'm giving everything I've got
    Blood ,sweat and tears
    Every inch of me dedicated.

    Tell me to give ,
    To give to get what it takes,
    I'll get it, I'll get there
    It's all mine now

    Sincerity is my trademark,
    Perfection is my birthright,
    The pinnacle is my throne,
    And I'm the Champion.