• madhumita_bhowmick 9w


    There are days,
    When life feels so tragic,
    I tell myself, "No, stop"
    There's a lot of magic.

    Did I forget the days?
    When the soil smelled so great,
    After the afternoon rain.
    I might have forgotten the date.

    Did I forget the mornings?
    When the sun was bright and warm.
    Awoke to the birds chirping,
    I didn't need the alarm.

    Did I forget the afternoon?
    After coming home from school.
    Good food ready on table,
    Favourite ice-cream ready to drool.

    Did I forget the evenings?
    When the only task I did,
    Were homeworks from the school,
    I wanted to get rid.

    Did I forget the nights?
    When stories made me sleep.
    Quite unusual that today,
    I get a slumber after I weep.

    Did I forget the years?
    When ambitions kept me alive.
    And I lived for a desire,
    Not a mere reason to survive.

    Happy days are beautiful,
    But I need the sad days.
    Life is full of magic to experience,
    There's darkness and warm rays.