• reshma_kausar_mohideen 5w

    All the books festooning my little library,
    Showcasing excellence in the field of literary,
    I bought them all after analysing a lot,
    The ratings and reviews which they had got.

    Each one of them I adore thoroughly,
    They are as precious as my friends and family,
    Even the moon betrays the sky once in thirty days,
    My books remained by my side even in dirty days.

    My library flaunts with pride, that holds such lovely gems,
    Some glow with romance, some filled with suspense,
    I laugh with some while others inspire me to be strong,
    They have guided me all the way & bought me, where I belong.

    Each rose of my urn is needed to dulcify my Garth,
    Each rhythm of my song is to echo in my hearth,
    It won't be fair to chose any one, on my part,
    Each book is a writer's effort who has bled his soul & heart.

    There is no such most favourite book of mine,
    Yet there are a few, to whom i owe, i must confess,
    My books of Alphabets & Numbers, languages & rhymes,
    As because of them i can read ,write & enjoy the rest.


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