• pavathaarani 6w


    Widespreaded in this contemporary world;
    Linking network of being is relationship.
    Bustling behind my own works;
    Corresponding basement of individual is relationship.
    You,engaged in disparate forms;
    Family member, Boy friend,Girl friend, Confidant, Soul mate, Life partner;
    Best Friend,Enemy, significantly other and still a lot.
    Beyond Homosapiens extanting in non-beings,
    Associating livings and non-livings too.

    Repelling alike like poles, attracting alike unlike poles;
    Dwelling around the universe, expertised with peculiar roles.
    Pursuer at times, maniac at extremities;
    Complacently injuncting each and every bide.
    Imperishable creation of nature as a Bounty-hunter.
    Slaying me with all vehemence, enslavement and dependency.
    You either an enigma or the revelation known,
    You neither a melancholist nor a merrier.

    Sentimentally attacking me accompanied by all emotions;
    Made me to go behind all notions.
    Measureless love on someone or something;
    Panned out to be menacing, erupting.
    On the flip side, leading with good abilities;
    Eventuated to be superhuman who's noteworthy.
    Life would be howling at a critter,
    Suffering went to recline permanently.
    Demise of my lovable scorched marks in my heart;
    Dissonating my brain and my heart.

    Expect the unexpected,
    Memories killing deeply,
    Standing alone,
    Lost somewhere.

    Seeked for a drug,
    Preoccupied my soul.
    Tracking me to the right path,
    Hacking my mind to dive into the drug.
    Tussled to tweak,
    Rubbled thoughts leak.
    Still have to, have to, have to,
    Move on,move on, and on.....
    Dreams become consummated,
    Defeated all pains with success.
    Whatever, wherever,however,
    Good things happen,
    I am in a way forward,
    Time to ridicule at my life.

    Instead,the drug took me hell,
    Sinked me in a mortifying well.
    Denying to accept the foregone,
    Still, still, again and again.
    From a teetotaller to a tippler,
    Addicted, addicted, addicted madly.
    Shredded over and over sadly.
    Insomniac days sucked my life,
    Weeping again and again.
    Couldn't handle myselves.
    Threatening myselves.
    Great goodbye to my dream,
    Sacrificing supremely.
    Sticking on and on to those lost memories,
    Hicking across my four walls, longing back to my stories.
    Still haven't, haven't, haven't,
    Moved on, moved on and on.....
    Everyone expunged from my life,
    Every pain became a problem,
    I became a sin for myselves.
    Whatever, wherever, however,
    Bad things happen.
    I m in a way backward,
    Time where life ridiculed at me.

    Addiction is a dosage for everyone.
    Leading all to a pun.
    Rather than suiciding;strive for the better,
    Gather together for the best.
    Ban all bad deeds,
    Abolish all negative weeds,
    Grow only good seeds.
    At times, life ridicules at you.
    Yet, you can also ridicule at it.
    Handful of good and bad things,
    Carefully handling both faces.
    Evergreen problem that everyone would meet,
    Weaning good habits to make it a asset!!!