• thehazelglimpse 5w

    One look from the future

    It’s been more than
    a month now
    I’m always late for school,
    Amma ain’t home
    early in the morning,
    and Appa snores heavily
    in his deep sleep
    tired from all the extra
    hours he has to put in
    during the week.
    Amma has prohibited me
    from playing sports, or
    participate in any sort of
    outdoor activity at all.
    I miss playing football
    in the school grounds,
    and after homework with
    other children of the society.
    She doesn’t cook spicy food
    anymore, and I don’t like
    the simple healthy food
    she cooks.
    I loved the taste of the spices
    and the burning sensation
    on my tongue after I’d that
    teekha aam ka aachar she served.
    I get extra scolding if I
    get dirt or ink stains on my
    shirt after school. She
    makes me wear the same
    shirt thrice now.
    Sometimes more than that.
    She sold the water-cooler
    a week ago, and I told
    her that we still need that.
    It’s hot when I go to bed.
    She said she will fan, and
    make me sleep under the stars.
    And amma, appa and me,
    all started sleeping on the terrace
    from that night on.
    It never struck to me about
    how serious everything was,
    until I saw her fighting last night.
    On the top of her voice.
    Over money!
    Amma never fought over money.
    I peeked out from my window,
    and it was the man who sold
    us dispenser bottles of water,
    he was asking for more money
    for water less than he brought
    every evening.
    Amma sat on the floor
    with her head in her hands.
    Without looking at the man
    she hands him over her bangles,
    her favorite ones,
    the ones she wouldn’t even
    give to Aapa when she asked for them.
    He smiles and looks over
    to his man in the van,
    nodding, he smiles and walks away.
    Amma enters the house and
    smiles at Appa,
    while she pours him a glass of water,
    “We’ll get some extra water from tomorrow”