• kaushik619 5w

    She stares blank
    A punch to the flank.
    She doesn't even recognise
    The man she helped rise.
    The man is filled with emotions.
    Unlike her.
    So filled they come out as tears
    So many emotions
    Love, helplessness, sorrow.
    Maybe even anger.

    She's someone who can't be replaced
    But she's become a shell of her former self
    Yet he loves her.
    As the hands of the clock spin
    She forgets him more.
    What a cruel fate.
    He tries and tries to make her remember,
    Knowing he's going to fail.
    All the perseverance isn't going to help him.
    It never does.
    It is only a false hope, wishful thinking
    If he tries hard enough he'll succeed.
    But he won't.

    Don't blame her, she's now growing frail.
    She keeps asking who he is,
    Why he's asking so many questions
    Amidst tears he whimpers.
    There's no use telling her directly
    He wants to make her remember
    Oh but the disease has claimed her
    And a mother has forgotten her son.


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    I recently saw a video of a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It inspired me to write this. Read the caption.