• vaishnuchellam 22w


    I met him one fine morning
    Our hearts beated with longing
    I extend my hands to him
    But he can't because of his shape
    My soft lips widened with joy
    For that he composed a melodious song
    I closed my wide eyes and my eyebrows raised naturally
    The rhythm of his song took us to heaven.
    My mom prepared delicious dishes for me
    I shared those to him without her consent
    My hands rubbed his hair and
    My lap offers him place to sleep.
    I shared my love and heart for the first time
    To a stranger.
    But the most miserable thing is....
    He is no more now....
    But my ears could hear his song
    My lips often whisper his name
    My mind is filled with his memories; my heart throbs thousand times...
    Yes, I gave my heart to him.
    My heart, my soul, my love is noone but
    My Mittuuuuu, my cat