• _geenha_ 10w

    I want to be remembered as a giver of love, not a people pleaser.
    I feel like I'm that cool evening breeze, subtle and cool, that's the kind of effect I have
    Rather than being a whirlwind, which I think is short lasting.
    I don't know if this fits with the challenge but that's what came to me
    #cees_memo_chall #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    To the music of life, we dance
    With every decision, we twirl
    The eye of the crowd, some hold
    Their love, they shower
    All around, flowers of affection
    Ribbons of love, gracing the wrists
    Estatic, exciting
    A momentous occasion indeed
    The heart of the crowd
    Sweet and creamy, this confetti
    Heavy and weighty, this crown
    A crash, A fall
    Some memories, they fade with time
    Now forgotten, unloved and lonely
    The love of the people
    A bittersweet possession
    Life's a music
    You dance, because you enjoy it
    We dance, because it resonates in our hearts
    Never for the people, for yourself
    For people remember
    Not he who dances and falls
    But he who dances and flies
    Riding on the clouds
    Sprinkling love and happiness
    On lives around you
    Not a receiver but a giver
    A giver of joy and laughter
    For such ones never go empty
    Such ones never truly fade away
    These dancers
    In the music of life
    Steps worthy of emulation, they leave behind