• shweta_saanvi 22w

    As the spring sets
    The season of new beginnings
    Earth seems to come to life again
    The time buds set 
    Covered by sepals
    Hiding all the glory inside
    Begin to bulge,
    Cracks out & emerge
    Opens &  Blossoms
    Wearing all the beauty
    Brightly colored & 
    Strongly scented
    Symbolise purity and innocence.
    From buds to the blossoms

    God's way to say
    One more chance
    Nature's way to demonstrate Hope
    Who knows the beauty that we hold inside
    Who knows the colors that we carry inside
    Let the world wait
    Let the world whisper
    Until we bloom
    And reveal the hidden glory...
    A time of celebration!!!
    From Buds to the Blossoms!!!

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    From Buds to the Blossoms!!!