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    I never liked rains,
    There was something weird.I never liked when the lightening strikes first and thunder next, isn’t they both started for the same purpose laying ahead.

    The sky turns thousand shades of grey,
    It doesn’t mean I don’t like grey,
    I wear grey t-shirt loose and can wear till it doesn’t tear,
    but the grey shades of sky makes me urge to go and hide.

    I don’t like the vibes of sadness they bring with a sigh, and breaks down heavily drenching leaves, soil and some lives.

    There was once a time, I started liking rain a little bit of while,
    When my mother tries new recipes and my daddy reads some news of today,
    My brother forces me to make paper boats from those old notes and test papers, and neighbours use to scold us why you children are being insignificant?
    I had one friend who was obvious with rains,
    Lover of ships and never miss a drop to get drenched.
    Taught me and shown me some colours beyond those dark shades,
    The seven colours i saw brief but fallen in love for few cents of dreams.
    I thought I was the fool and wondered why i never went out beyond that grey?

    But some cents of life was already spent in daylight. I didn’t cared for other things except for those seven lights. I was fooled to believe that there won’t be any grey ahead. I never pondered on the sacrifices which my dad and mom did, nor did I ponder much about those seven hues I see, the fact that I was concerned only i am happy now and for this time being. The illusion never lasts, nor did mine. The thunders struck on my lifetime and like that even lightening first and sound followed after, rains poured heavily and drenched my destroyed and torn dreams. That time even my curses can’t stop the heavy downfall nor an umbrella came to rescue. I hoped for those rainbows and waited for months to be shown and colour those grey shades of sky. Alas, but the sun didn’t cared because the rains poured in lonely moonlight.
    The days were dark and nights being light,
    With cold air and those sounds of someone is coming behind,
    I found rains creepier than the thief breaks during the lonely night.

    Now whenever the sky turns grey and the weather forecast announces don’t go out without an umbrella,

    I take leave and sit with coffee, closing all windows and doors and switching on the lights at home, I enjoy being alone with the diary I tell a new tale of the day.

    Written by Lanisha Monis

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    Why I never liked rains?

    There was something weird.
    I never liked when the lightening strikes first and thunder next,
    isn’t they both started for the same purpose laying ahead?

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    3july 2018