• cathdavies 14w

    Fallen Party

    The party started.
    I was dancing with neoliberalism.
    Being who I wanna be.
    Doing what I wanna do.
    The masses danced with me.
    Dear fellow citizen, fuck you,
    for there is no longer such a thing as society.
    He whispered in my ear, markets are king.
    He whispered in the other ear,
    greed is everything.
    As we danced, millions got rich,
    but outside, the streets were filling with homeless people.
    The floor had no safety net,
    then recession bit hard.
    But the party only stopped when the virus arrived.
    It pushed its way to the front,
    turned the music off, and took everyone.
    I looked for my partner.
    He was grinning over this collective dream.
    This fallen party that turned into a nightmare.