• sidd_feelings 5w

    Let me love you, don't love me too

    Some wintery morning, Holding mug of Tea,
    I'll be sitting quietly, next to your sleeping body,
    I won't be asking you to love me too,
    I'll just admire, the presence, while gazing you...
    Blankets, quilts, snow, warmth of your embrace,
    My face buried in your neck, lost in your fragrance...
    And against your chest my heart would race,
    You're eyes closed and your head fantasizing,
    No, don't love me back, I'm not romanticising..
    Just mute everything throughout your heart,
    I want to dance with you in silence,
    As long as you'll be there I'll make sure not to hurt,
    Abandoning the chaos and untamed violence..
    Don't reciprocate anything, for you, I feel,
    A smile of yours, and my wounded soul will heal,
    Sometime for sometime waking up next to you,
    Will be ethereal enough to believe, it new..
    A mug of tea; only one we'd be sharing,
    Cosy in blankets and warmth of your skin will be caring..
    Down to the deserted road, we'll walk and run,
    I'll be staring you even in presence of stars and sun...
    Someday somewhere we'll meet again,
    Maybe on a sunny day or night when it will rain?