• tiarrahope 6w

    This poem is kinda personal, not something I would normally share. But I hate when couples in toxic relationships "stay together for the kids" that's not always the best thing for them.

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    Stay together for the children

    Many couples continue their detrimental relationships cause they want to stay together for their children.
    When I speak out against the idea of sticking together for the kids, I get portrayed as the villain.

    I have personal experience with the matter.
    Growing up I had to watch my mom get battered.
    My parents did love each other and they wanted to persist with their toxic bond, for my sake.
    But them sticking together only made me feel as though I was having to endure a constant earth quake.
    Even though their relationship went to shit,
    they were determined to never quit.

    I believe their history helped keep them together as well, their past is complex.
    They met in high school they were partnered up to work on a group project.
    Their relationship flourished from there,
    when they were together it was like they never had a care.

    One day they both got invited to a party out in the country located close to a abandon oil well.
    Fast forward to the party, everyone's fucked up. It's crazy to think my parents lived to tell this tale.

    One of the drunken teens was smoking a cigarette and tossed it into the oil well.
    Then all my parents heard was, "boom" and then see flames like they're in the firey pits of hell.
    To cut things short my dad saved my mom's life.
    She wouldn't have made it if dad wouldn't have put up a fight.

    I believe that them being survivors gave them this forever bond.

    After the accident the doctors prescribed both of my parents heavy dosages of pills.
    They started out using them for pain but slowly they started taking them for the thrill.

    Addiction is a brutal monster and it eats you alive.
    It makes you forget who you truly are inside.
    That monster takes you over and starts to possess you.
    Slowly you become hateful, abusive, and you do stuff that's regretful.

    Me being the child of addicts I had to endure the abuse as well.
    I moved in with my grandma and basically told them to go to hell.
    I broke down and told them if you wanna do what's best for me...
    then you need to seperate so we can all finally be free.

    They realized that they wouldn't be able to repair their relationship.
    So my mom filed for divorce and that was the last of it.

    It did all work out in the end,
    after the divorce we were all finally happy again.
    I developed a bond with my parents like I never had before.
    They moved on, both fell in love with other people and were happy once more.

    My only hope is that my story really opens people's minds.
    Some people that stay together for the children are truly blind.
    Reflect on your relationship and the impact it has on your child.
    Do what's right for everybody before your bond with them is to broken to reconcile.