• shaanu_4052 10w


    If I could move back in time today
    Way before we met,
    I would look for and find you right away
    To form our loving duet.

    Far,far, back I would go for you
    To marry you much sooner
    We'd tie the knot, and you would be
    My romantic honeymooner.

    Through passing time, our love still grows,
    A tender relationship to explore
    Our life together gets better and better
    And i keep on loving more and more.

    It seems i've loved you all my life
    My sweet , charming, loveable wife
    You create happy feelings deep down my soul,
    Like eating wonderful treats from a limitless bowl

    It's really amazing, just being with you
    We are lovers and partners in all that we do
    Your love warms me like the rays of the sun
    Happy anniversary to my own special one.