• lostthingspoetry 6w


    I have never trusted my naked body, fully, to anyone,
    and my naked thoughts even less so.
    I have always felt far too brittle, too frozen, to enjoy the touch of another human being,
    Least of all one who wanted more than my blushing flesh.
    But right now, with you, I feel like a sun ripened peach, warm and soft and easily pried open. I feel sweet, and I enjoy you enjoying my sweetness. I have left my guard low on the ground in the tall waving grasses, and I am here, high, blossoming. Pluck me, hold me in your hands, let me sustain you. I am soft, delicate, waiting to be savored. And at my core, once you pull me apart bite by bite, is the start of something new, waiting to be planted in warm soil and grow into many new versions of myself.