• rey_iyer 22w

    not every super hero wears a cape, some even refuse to wear a headscarf!

    Soumya Swaminathan is a top chess player representing India for the past few years and have had countless victories that made her ascend in her career.
    she was all smiles when she heard she was selected for Asian Championship to be held next month, in Iran.
    but what came as a shock not only stopped her from participating but also a hero (heroine perhaps?) overnight (over day to be precise).
    she was hinted to wear headscarf according to Iranian laws that every woman, be it national or foreigner must wear a headscarf or hijab in order to dwell in the country.
    but, Soumya had chosen other choice rather than conceding to some foreign law.
    she refused to be willing to wear it and play and has decided to call of her participation in Iran and has mentioned the imposition as violating her human rights.
    she followed Sindhu's footsteps who long back faced similar situation and withdrew from shooting championship (though she shot patriarchy there).
    what makes me wonder is that few so called feminists have already tied this to a particular religious hatred while she quoted it to be the violation of her fundamental right - of expression and practice of religion.
    whether to laud or bash is left to reader's choice. though, your applause will be reflected in likes and reposts.

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