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    #DhadakTrailerReview I saw the trailer of upcoming film Dhadak featuring Ishaan and Jahnvi, one of the most awaited films of newbees. Do watch the trailer for once and I bet if you are Indian, then you'd understand the ending starting middle thing everything of the movie! Not expecting lot but would watch it for sure! ����

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    Dhadak Trailer Review!

    Okay! So am I only one who felt like Jahnvi's voice shouldn't have been like this? It was sounding odd but her beauty is amazing! And Ishaan Khattar is damn cute! But again, movies doesn't work just by looks. We need content. It was pretty much the same story that we have come across, well ever since we came on this planet and got introduced to the concept of rom-com. Not quite excited but being a rom-com fan, I would consider watching it once. I think that this movie would be the typical Karan Johar-ish film but would like to watch it for once. Not expecting a lot!