• rayrac 10w


    It all comes flowing back into my mind
    You, it was easy to find
    Losing you would be the hardest
    Most painful experience, loss?
    I can't tell, all I know, it would be the worst!

    Forget all that, holding THE jacket
    The jacket! Holding it next to my heart
    In it, I can feel your scent
    I can still smell you right here
    I can still feel that you are near
    With you, no scary thing, no fear

    All I need is your smell
    That smell lingering in my nose
    And it all comes running back to me..

    The day was well spent
    I hope to see you soon
    I wish to feel my jaws hurting again
    I wish to smile with you again
    To laugh with and at you again
    It was fun, free, lively, friendly
    But the smell, your smell??
    It brings it all back alive!