• roviso 10w

    Love with no future

    Sadly, stating the true feelings is the last option we have before we can part. Thou shall say no words and I shall seal my mouth; all those bygone memories. We have to do this though this is the last option.
    I don't want to say goodbye but I know:
    There is no future for us.

    Life is harsh yes, it didn't spare lover us.
    Life is unjust yes, it didn't let our love grow while allowing others.
    Life is uncertain yes, it didn't acertain our romance.
    Life is a sadist yes, it didn't want us to be happy.
    Life is mischievous yes, it didn't tell us that we have no future.

    And, I don't know why we met, if we are not meant to be together.
    I don't know why we felt in love if we are to break each others heart.
    I don't know why we miss our past if we still have future.
    I don't know why we smiled if we have to cry now.
    I don't know why we said "hi" if we have to say "goodbye".

    Can't we love what we love? If yes let me love her till I die.
    Can't we go back to our past? If yes let me go back, to those days when I held her.
    Can't we change what we did? If yes let me change what what we did.
    Can't we live more than once? If yes let me live with her.
    But now I know we have no future.

    I know this love is real, as real as death but I know this love can't live to ruin our life.
    I know people change as clock keeps ticking but I know our hearts don't want to change.
    I know love will turn into hatred but I know love was once real.
    I know there is no future for us but I know we had our past but unfortunately we can't live in the past as we have today and tomorrow.