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    please do participate in our challenge and also tag your friends and repost it to help me spread this....

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    Hello to my mirakee family.Here I am posting my first challenge in collab wid Sanjiban (@i_m_d_worst).We have thought the challenge to be a bit different but interesting.No doubt the imaginary abode created by the poets are divine but we would love to read something realistic from such great poets so that it's relatable to a large no of readers.So,let me directly point down the rules for the challenge:-

    ♦Write a nanotale(within 10 words) or microtale (within 24 words) or musing/snippet (within 40 words) or short story (no word limit)
    ♦It must be realistic and not abstract at all.
    ♦Deadline:-10 july 2018 12.00 am
    ♦We would select the best 3 from each category.
    ♦Multiple posts by the same participant are allowed.
    ♦Tag us with #challenge_rp and @ammuaye @i_m_d_worst and don't forget to mention whether your writeup is Microtale/Nanotale/Musing/Snippet/Short story